Michele Pitacco was born in Trieste in 1976, an art lover from his birth.

He attended the Institute of Arts in Udine, specializing in decorative painting and obtaining a diploma in master of painting.

He did his first tattoo at the age of 13, by drawing a star on his own hand with sewing needles and Pelikan ink.

After the movie “We Children from Bahnhof Zoo” which has inspired and affected a full generation, Michele’s friends irresponsibly started tattooing themselves to emulate the protagonist of the movie.

Being Michele more experienced in the field of tattoo, he started tattooing to cover and patch up the bad tattoos done by his friends.

When one of his friends asked for a portrait, Michele felt inadequate for the job and asked Alex De Pase for help.

After examining his works, Alex offered him an apprenticeship work experience in Grado and some years later Michele began tattooing professionally. He has been working with Alex De Pase for 15 years now and he is an excellent professional tattooist.

For many years Michele has been tattooing any kind of subjects but he prefers Fantasy and realistic Animals in colour and b/w.