• Tromsø, Troms
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I'm a Scottish-Norwegian artist & author based deep into the arctic circle in Northern Norway. 

I've worked many of the big shows over the years and since mai 2018 it will be a good 20 years in the trade since I first started. I've worked all over the world and won stuff. I don't care for any of that now and my pure focus is my clients. I work all styles provided they can make a lasting tattoo; my work is concerned with freehand & I have to do lots of work to survive here as the price of a tattoo is so low now vs the cost of living.

My current studio is UNDERDAWG TATTOO, recently rebranded as Pounding That AS. AS is the name for an LLC in Norway. 

I work part-time as a fisherman & in private security. My interests are Muay Thai (retired), BJJ & writing books in my spare time.