From a very young age, growing up in southern Alberta, Canada, Kim White knew she wanted to grow up to be an artist. With the encouragement of art teachers throughout grade school, she got accepted to the Alberta College of Art and Design. Around the same time, she discovered the art of tattooing, and began hanging around a local tattoo shop, spending her student loan on tattoos, and was hooked from then on. After a break from art to get married and have her first child, the desire to tattoo and create art only intensified. She picked up a tattoo machine again in 2007, and hasn’t looked back since. Kim opened her own shop, White Tiger Art Studio in 2009 with her piercing husband, Ryan White, only to lose it all in the High River flood in 2013. The White family was quick to rebuild in a new location thanks to the fundraising of local tattoo artists, and although it has been a struggle to rebuild, she’s persevered through the loss, and is looking forward to the future.

! Kim prefers illustrative designs, with any subject matter, animals being her favorite.