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Hello, my name is Jong Seon Park, I'm a tattooer from South Korea. My career started with a love for drawing that developed early on. I enjoy drawing with a simple pencil and paper. The work I do is typically dark, so the absence of ink highlights the depths of the darkness I've designed. The process of pursuing this career is as precious to me as the career itself- I can't imagine a life wherein I didn't have hobbies and projects to keep me on a path to improvement. I've found that my mindset has set me apart because I am always working towards getting better while some of my peers reach a certain level and become focused on profit, which causes their talent to wane. I believe success is something you can achieve daily, but is never promised for tomorrow if you stop working towards it. In other mediums of art, the artist can create whatever they feel inspired to create and then hold on to it indefinitely until someone comes along who sees its value; that isn't the case in tattoos. It's vital to create pieces that will be relatable/desirable for the people who are willing to be tattooed by me- often times what I create is specific to a client and I have to sacrifice some of my artistic freedom to please the person who will be wearing my work. My passion for this industry is strong. Although I hope to gain notoriety from the immense effort I put into my career, my main goal is to maintain my integrity and self respect as I pursue these dreams.

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