John Biswell



I have been tattooing since 1993 and have worked in more than 8 studios before opening my own in 2006. I live in Portland, Maine (where I grew up) with my wife and 3 children. I have been involved with art since I was a child my mother was an art student then and my father was a navy chief so there was lots of Americana images around with all the eagles and go navy bumper stickers etc. that probably how I came to tarditional tattooing. So at my shop I try to create comfortable, fun and an inviting atmosphere and treat clients with both time and respect to there ideas and we all have alot of fun doing it. My focus is on the image design, composition, and technical proficiency of the tattoo application. Over the past years I have specialized in traditional Asian, and American designs. Some of my favorite images to work with include but are not limited too Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist and Chinese/Japanese mythological and Buddhist imagery. I enjoy integrating realistic colors and aspects from nature while tastefully blending styles.The most creative tattoo designs take time to prepare so I prefer appointments, though I do accept walk-ins for smaller pieces. Additionally,  I paint in an illustrative style in the media's of watercolor and acrylic for sale or commission and I am left on my own that's what I do for fun.

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