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Hello, my name is Hyeonwha Kim. I'm a tattooer from Seoul, South Korea. I first became interested in tattoos when I was twenty years old. By the time I was twenty-two, I had made up my mind to pursue tattooing as a career. A part of my journey that sets me apart from many of my fellow tattoo artists is that I wasn't ever interested in drawing or painting prior to taking on the art of tattoo. It was through learning how to tattoo that I really learned to draw- now I express myself artistically through multiple mediums. When I was growing up. there wasn't anyone in my life that encouraged me to explore my creativity. I've more than made up for lost time in my adult life and now have spent countless hours improving my talent. I specialize in pet portrait tattoos, often using vivid colors to bring the memory of a pet to life on the skin- sometimes I do black and white, which can be just as expressive in its own respect. I think my attention to detail sets me apart from the competition; my clients appreciate the effort and thank me by coming back for more.  

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