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My name is Choi Eunji, most people call me Eun. I'm a tattooer from Seoul, South Korea. The style of tattoo that I specialize in is called realism; it's an extremely difficult and technical style. From a young
age, creativity became my defining quality. I knew I wanted to be an artist and that I wanted to travel all over the world but for many years it was unclear how I would make that happen for myself. I studied graphic design in school and worked in that field briefly (while also teaching painting classes) but it made me feel stagnant and depressed to work at the computer. I took the money I had saved and traveled for almost a year. When I went home, I began learning how to tattoo- while also doing freelance graphic design work until I gained enough skill to take on tattoo clients. This career has transformed my life into one I am so proud of. I have no regrets, I'm grateful for all the decisions I made that brought me to the life I get to live today. Tattooing has opened my awareness and appreciation of how unique each person is. Everyone's skin is different beneath the needles of a tattoo machine. Learning how to maneuver with precision regardless of wrinkles, stretchmarks, scars, cellulite, loose skin, or anything else is essential to be a good artist. Oftentimes, my clients are trying to cover or camouflage imperfections on their skin so it's my job to still execute a beautiful tattoo regardless of the texture variations beneath it. I love making connections with my clients while I tattoo. When I travel, I get to work with such a variety of characters and it's given a lot of color to my life- meeting new people is one of my favorite parts of my job. Looking forward, I hope to continue trying new styles of tattoo as I work on developing my own signature style within the tattoo industry.

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