I am an Artist a Tattoo Artist born and raised in Los Angeles and I have years of creative experience – drawing since I was physically able and I’ve been oil painting since the age of 20 in Art School. I knew at a very early age that I wanted to be tattooed, coming home with my arms completely sleeved with an ink pen in elementary school. It wasn’t till years later that I would actually consider giving up a cushy job as an Art Director to become a Tattoo Artist.

After high school I enlisted into the Army to serve my country, for college money, and to get away from bad influences.  Even with money from the Army, I needed to work three jobs to successfully get through college. My first two years focused strictly on drawing, painting and art history. By that time I’d met more than a few struggling artists and decided to minor in graphic design as a fallback. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, I excelled in a career as a Graphic Designer and Art Director for 10 years until I became completely fed up with the corporate ideology of greed;  “More, is more and more will never be enough."

My niche in tattooing is focused on creativity and craftsmanship. It’s hard to say which category my style fits into; color, black & grey, portraiture, realism, neo-traditional, traditional, Japanese, cover-ups…etc. My style is derived from techniques from each of these styles in order to create my unique artistic vision. I don’t use flash, I don’t download images from Google or Pinterest, trace it and call it art (not that there is anything wrong with that). When I’m not tattooing or drawing custom art work I am oil painting which also helps  develop my own flare for the creative.

I’ve been quite fortunate throughout my tattoo career to have worked with, to be inspired by, and to have learned from more than a few incredibly talented artists who have motivated me to put it all out there, to never stop learning, never stop growing- artistically and as a person. To be an artist is a lifelong learning process, a never-ending struggle to continually strive as an artist – “If you’re not finding new ways to create, you’re falling behind”. I’m an L.A. artist and I take a tremendous amount of pride in my art and craftsmanship.