Born in Ohio and raised in Florida, I learned my foundations in art from my Grandmother. Even though I spent so much of my youth doodling and sketching, my true artistic skill didn't begin to fully develop until a little more than 19 years ago when I began an apprenticeship at a local street shop. Up until that point, I had spent most of my time with pencil. I've experimented with charcoal, airbrushing, automotive paint and wood carving over the years but my most recent venture has been into the world of watercolor painting, specifically spit-shaded watercolor.
I am, and have for a very long time now been in love with the art of tattooing. It is an ever-changing medium that is never predictable. Every day is truly a new canvas. Different skin types, different skin tones, with scars, without scars, and most often with a new story. Tattooing as a whole is always growing as an art form and tattoo artists around the world are continuing to push the envelope. Tattooing is not satisfied with the last tattoo; It wants to get better. I feel truly honored to be a part of it, even if it's a small part.
Since I started tattooing one of my goals as an artist has been to never get stuck in a rut tattooing the same subject matter or style over and over. I always want to be able to tattoo whatever walks in our shop door. I do have favorite styles that I'm always drawn to more than others, but I like to do it all. In the beginning of my career I was most comfortable with black and grey tattooing as it was most like the pencil drawings I had done my whole life. Slowly I started to push my knowledge of color theory and started to do more and more color tattoos. Now most people that walk in ask for my color work. I love to do Traditional tattoos, both American-traditional and Neo-traditional. I enjoy traditional Asian tattoos, New School and Photorealism. Above all though, my favorite thing to tattoo is originality. There are a number of things I will not tattoo. I do not tattoo anything that promotes hate or racism in any way. I do not tattoo gang related images. I do not tattoo anything that falls outside of my Christian beliefs. I do not ask you to agree with any of my choices or beliefs, but know that I will not waiver on them at all.
At 39 years old, I find myself blessed with a beautiful wife, perfect son and amazing baby girl. I'm still as passionate about my art as ever and God is at the center of it all.