Daniel Chashoudian



 I have had a passion for art ever since I was a child. My earliest known drawing on record was when I was about six years old. It was a replica of a painting in my living room. I still have it thanks to my Grandmother who always signed and dated all of my earlier drawings. You couldn’t get me away from art. That’s all I wanted to do besides climbing trees jumping on rocks and swinging over streams on a rope fighting off dragons, monsters, demons and whatever else I created in my fictional world. Even through most of my school years I spent my time drawing and doodling in class instead of doing the actual class work. When I turned 18 I got a job with my friends dad in construction, It was alright but I couldn’t see myself doing this for the rest of my life. In 2003 I met Jim Hayek who became a good friend and taught me the art of tattooing, I knew then that this is what I wanted to do! In 2006 I quit working construction and became a full time tattoo artist. Jim Hayek, Mike Devries, H. R. Giger, Chet Zar, Paul Booth, and Bob Tyrrell are just a few of the artists that influenced me through out my career as an artist. Thats about it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for reading!

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