Cory Claussen was born in Honolulu, Hawaii into a military family.  His father worked on helicopters while his mother took care of him and his siblings.  Cory was moved to South Dakota after his father left the service to be near family.  “I was very fortunate to have a family that supported and helped nurture my artistic endeavors.”  Cory moved throughout the state until graduating out of the state's capital in 2004.  He joined the National Guard and attended college off and on until picking up an Arts and Science Degree.

Cory is an international tattoo artist that has experience working throughout the country.  With over a decade of experience, he continues to seek growth as an artist.  Cory focuses most of his artistic energy on large scale designs.  For many black and gray projects, he prefers to focus on the duality of life and death while emphasizing an appreciation to the beauty of mortality.  For color projects, he enjoys working on Japanese inspired motifs that tell a story through visual representation.

As an artist, Cory works to take abstract ideas and put them into concrete forms that both the client and artist can share a connection with.  If interested, please contact us through our contact page on the website www.redarbortattoo.com with a brief explanation of what you are interested in.