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Hello, I'm Dohyun Kim. I'm a tattoo artist from Seoul South Korea. I'm a success-oriented person and strive to be my best in anything I take on in life. Although I've always fostered my talent for art, it wasn't until I was serving in the military as a young man that I first saw a real tattoo. The tattoo I saw was poorly done and my first thought was "I could do better". The experience left me interested in learning more about the tattoo industry- the more I learned the more I fell in love, so when I was discharged, I began pursuing my career. I value the customer interactions and the comradery I've found amongst my fellow artists. The time I spent in the military helped shaped me into a man with great work ethic but my experiences since then have also helped me to grow as a person and expand my perspective on the human experience. A tattoo is a one time purchase that will last a customer a lifetime, so I take the process very seriously, from the design, the application to the healing process. It matters to me that work I put into the world reflects the precision and time I've put into building my skill.

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