Cody Tweedy was born in small town Temple, Texas.  At only five years old his mother moved him to South Dakota.  They bounced around the state until finally settling in the Black Hills. 

Cody was drawn to the arts from an early age.  He was enthralled with genres sci-fi and fantasy such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.  He wanted to be able to recreate the ideas that inspired him. He looked up to artists Todd Mcfarlane, Shinichiro Watanabe, Wayne Reynolds, and Mike Mignola.  

While attending high school in Spearfish, Cody Tweedy trained under artist Georgi Streetman.  For years he worked on his artistic skills before taking a hiatus from art.  During this time, he made an attempt at a “normal” life.  While working as a wet sander in a depressing factory, Cody realized that life had more to offer.  “Art gives me freedom,” he stated.  It wasn’t long before he returned to his true calling. 

After his first few tattoos, Cody was hooked.  He reached out to some of the industry’s top talents and asked for advice.  LA Ink’s Corey Miller responded and guided Cody’s decision.  Cody Tweedy followed his advice and began an apprenticeship at Aasylum Tattoo & Piercing. 

His early influence from graphic novels helped set Cody apart from his peers.  He believes that lines can create a sense of depth and flow that compliments his unique color palette.   Some would call his style Neo-traditional, Graphic, or Illustrative.  It’s difficult to define but absolutely stunning.