ABOUT MY TATTOOING – I started tattooing in 1994 after finishing a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Ohio State University. My painting and sculptural work are a big influence on my tattooing. I translate my painting into my tattoos. I try to translate the movement of the human body into the my designs. Also, with a background in sculpture, I adapt the concepts of shaping a piece of pottery to tattooing a human body. My knowledge of figurative sculpture helps convert images to the contours of arms, legs, backs and other parts of the body. All my work is original art customized to each client.


ABOUT MY PAINTINGMy work is about the flavor of memory. These images are collaged together from found photographs of random people; strangers to me. They are other people's memories which I cut up, distort and re-assemble. I am not interested in describing these memories, but in extracting the essence of those memories from the actual details of the people, places, and times involved. It is not the memories themselves, but the fleeting and fragmentary feeling of memory: the flavor of it that filters through.