Chloe Vanessa has been tattooing since July of 2004.
Art has been in her life since a young age, when her parents put her in private art lessons with a tutor at the age of four. Around 10 years of age, Chloe was relocated from Southern Florida to Central Massachusetts and continued her art education with various classes in many mediums at the Worcester Art Museum. These lessons continued until Chloe was 18 years old and began her tattoo career.
Chloe's tattoo work is predominantly color and, though she loves working in many styles, the main style of her work could be described as 'illustrative realism.' The subjects Chloe most often takes on are plant and animal life, landscapes, pet portraits, food items and still lifes, however she is always up to a challenge.
When not tattooing, Chloe enjoys colored pencil sketching, painting in acrylic, water color, and oils, folding origami, and frolicking with unicorns. She is also a huge fan of Star Wars, Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter, Ghost Busters, Jurassic Park, and Venture Brothers.
If you are interested in getting work by Chloe, feel free to either contact her through the website
or call Nautilus Tattoo at: (860)372-4841