My name is Bri Howard, originally from Michigan, I have been working in the tattooing field since 2009. Creating art since I was a toddler. I have been a self directed artist my whole life.
I have traveled all around the country taking countless seminars by masters in tattooing and master illustrators and painters, taking classes and workshops specifically with the intent of taking all of these lessons and pouring it into my clients tattoos. I want to give all to those who want what I have to offer.
I am looking to do large scale tattoos that tell a story or convey a certain language that will intrigue the viewer and transform the body, focusing heavily on fit and flow to the person.
I feel that every tattoo is a collaboration, and if you are a person looking for a tattooist that will listen and go that extra step, look no further. I really enjoy cultivating a close relationship with each of my clients and creating a story or idea together.
I challenge my clients to look at themselves as the art piece, their whole body, as one body, not as little segmented pieces. I suggest large scale tattoos as they flow and fit and transform the body to whatever narrative you are trying to convey, cohesively.
My art influences come from everywhere, but heavily influenced by old painting master techniques, art nouveau, graphic novels, cartoons, nature, animals, bio organic, video game and sci-fi concept art, with occultist and magic undertones. My strengths are illustrative faces, figures, animals, plants, and magical/sci-fi themed things. Specifically looking to start sleeves featuring Alice in Wonderland, Space adventurers, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Skyrim or Fallout, or themes of a similar nature. Black and grey or color.
Can't wait to hear your concepts and start our journey together!