Bradley Pearce


At a young age I developed a strong appreciation for the Arts. My mother is an accomplished Artist in many different mediums. I cannot remember a time in my childhood when there wasn't something artistic going on in my home. Naturally, this made me want to participate. I began drawing and painting, which continued all through school. I've dabbled in other artistic mediums including sculpting, carving, pottery, and airbrushing.


In 1997, I got my first tattoo which eventually opened the door to my new career. I began my tattoo apprenticeship in early 1999 under Tom White, owner of Tommy's Tattoos in Kokomo, IN. By summer, I was tattooing full-time. I tried to learn everything I could from all the talented tattoo artists I worked around.

People are always asking me, "What is your favorite type of tattoo to do?" This is a hard question for me, because I like so many different kinds. I enjoy everything from full color cartoony types to realistic black and greys, traditional to new school. I think it comes down to, "If I get to draw it, I am into it!"

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