Currently tattooing at Living Canvas Tattoos at 930 S Mill Ave. Tempe, Arizona, Michael "Boston" Rogoz has been an avid artist his entire life. He studied and graduated from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA, and also studied abroad at Viterbo School of Design in Viterbo, Italy. He received Fine Art degrees focusing in Painting and Sculpture. Often drawing inspiration from Japanese tattooing, Boston specializes in bright color tattoos that flow well and compliment the human figure. He is comfortable and proficient in a wide range of styles from Traditional to New School to Realism in both black and grey and color, but excells most with large work where he has the room find new ways to create space, movement, and multiple forms of contrast, anything that can make it more dynamic. "As long as I have freedom to include these elements in my work I feel like I can make it interesting. Attempting to remain versatile while developing a style has been really fun and challenging. I'm so grateful for all of these opportunities !"  Boston also specializes in cover-up tattoos and enjoys the challenges that they present.