Triplesix Studios is a 100 % Custom Tattoo Studio From the begin of may 2007 Triplesix studios will be exclusively using air driven Neuma tattoo machines. This is the next step in tattoo hygiene and safety . The Neuma machines are Autoclaved after EVERY client There is no standard tattoo flash within the studio, all artwork is drawn up for each customer. Your tattoo should be unique and designed especially for you and you alone. This means I work on appointment only to ensure you a highest quality tattoo of each and every client. I have over 15 years experience as a professional artist with a client list that included Disney , Ea and Sony amongst many others before turning to the Art of tattooing. The studio is private and is Fully health registered. All equipment is autoclaved and records of all sterilization cycles are retained. New inks and needles are used for every client. Tuesday 10 am till 5.30 pm Wednesday 10 am till 5.30 pm Thursday 10 am till 5.30 pm Friday 10 till 5.30 pm Saturday 10 till 5.30 pm Sunday , Monday and after hours appointments can be arranged. 0191 5679126