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Andre P

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Andres Acosta

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Ben Amos

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Brandon Davenport

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Caleb Stone

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Christopher O'Toole

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Clint Leifeste

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Daddy Jack

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Danny Elliott

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Danny Elliott

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David Parker

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Dennis Correa

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Hank Kuya

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Haylie Erin

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Jason Mims

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Joey Rodriguez

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John Clark

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Jonathan Montalvo

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Joshua Daniel

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Justin Hall

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Kelly Gormley

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Kelly Gormley

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Lucky Stars Tattoo

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Marco Hyder

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McFarland Brown

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Micah Malone

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Michael Bales

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Nick Clark

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Paul Diaz

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Ray Corson

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Sam Frederick

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Shane Vick

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Spiro Kambitsis

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Tattoo Culture

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Wade Fullwood

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Texas Tattoo News

9/23/21 - Don't Forget Happy Hour For Piercing's - Daddy Jacks Tattoos
9/9/21 - Got that back to school ink yet? Our Artist are ready to get you looking fresh for that fall semester. Checkout some of the new pics to see what's trending in the tattoo world lately. - Daddy Jacks Tattoos
6/18/20 - 7/2020 - Nick Baxter
2/5/20 - 2/2020 - Nick Baxter
11/1/19 - 11/2019 - Nick Baxter
8/6/19 - Daddy Jacks Artists Choice Cover Up Special - Daddy Jacks Tattoos
7/16/19 - 7/2019 - Nick Baxter
7/9/19 - September Tattoo Contest - Daddy Jacks Tattoos
7/9/19 - Friday the 13th! - Daddy Jacks Tattoos
6/27/19 - Annual 4th of July Company Trip! - Daddy Jacks Tattoos
6/18/19 - Dallas Convention this June - Daddy Jacks Tattoos
3/12/19 - GUEST ARTIST: Brian Gormley 3/26-3/30 - Depiction Tattoo Gallery - Arlington Texas
3/2/19 - GUEST ARTIST: Jeff Ensminger - Depiction Tattoo Gallery - Arlington Texas
2/15/19 - New Hoodies and Sweatshirts! - Depiction Tattoo Gallery - Arlington Texas
1/26/19 - Star of Texas convention was a SUCCESS! - Depiction Tattoo Gallery - Arlington Texas
1/12/19 - Depiction welcomes Shane Vick to the team! - Depiction Tattoo Gallery - Arlington Texas
1/1/19 - 1/2019 - Nick Baxter
12/21/18 - Tattooed Gloves 5 in Austin, Jan. 19th! - Depiction Tattoo Gallery - Arlington Texas
12/5/18 - Annual Toy Drive - Depiction Tattoo Gallery - Arlington Texas
11/15/18 - Monday Sailor Moon Special by Brenda - Daddy Jacks Tattoos
11/10/18 - Austin Convention!! - Depiction Tattoo Gallery - Arlington Texas
10/12/18 - Return of the O'Toole! - Depiction Tattoo Gallery - Arlington Texas
10/4/18 - Austin Convention! - Depiction Tattoo Gallery - Arlington Texas
8/30/18 - GUEST ARTIST: Alex Pastor - Depiction Tattoo Gallery - Arlington Texas
8/28/18 - 9/2018 - Nick Baxter

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