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Abbey Saunders

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Alex Passapera

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Andrew J

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Brandon Schultheis

Bio Organic Half Sleeve Details Tattoo Design ThumbnailBio Organic Half Sleeve Tattoo Design ThumbnailEagle, Snake, Anchor Sleeve Details Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Brian Gallagher

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Using the outline of the painting as the frame of the tattoo [Chris D.] Tattoo Design ThumbnailBottom merge from two reference paintings, Initial on the side of the Cradle: D.  Tattoo Design ThumbnailTop merge from another two reference paintings.  Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Christopher Allen

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Cory Cudney

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Douglas Grady

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Eddie Molina

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Gabriel Pantoja

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Gene Coffey

Astrology Flower Arm Sleeve Tattoo Design ThumbnailDemon Watercolor Skull Tattoo Design ThumbnailGalaxy CoverUp Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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George Bardadim

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Heather Hellion

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Jessica V

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Joey Rosado

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Jon Mesa

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Joseph Galvin

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Joseph Wood

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Kmo Kelsey Moore

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Luka Pagan

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Marek Pawlik

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Matt Buck

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Matt Truiano

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Meghan Lee

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Micle Andersson

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Nikki Simpson

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Noelle LaMonica

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Paul Booth

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Steve Boltz

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Tee Jay

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Tim Kern

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Victor Modafferi

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Yomico Moreno

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New York Tattoo News

12/14/09 - Holiday Tattoo Party Thursday! Free Food and Tattoo Time! - Dude's Tattoos
10/17/09 - - Paul Booths Last Rites Tattoo Theatre
10/17/09 - - Paul Booths Last Rites Tattoo Theatre
8/15/06 - New Kris Magnotti tattoos! - DaVinci Tattoo

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