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Paradise Tattoo Gathering

October 24, 2024 to October 27, 2024
Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort
Hancock, MA

Attending TattooNOW Artists

BIAGIO is traveling from Jersey City, NJ

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Massachusetts TattooNOW Artist Members

Andrew Mackenzie

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Ben Pease

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Brian Brown

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Carlos Lopez

untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnailuntitled Tattoo Design Thumbnailuntitled Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Cory Kruger

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Deidre Doyle

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Gonzalo Chavez

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Jamie Cross

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Jason Maybruck

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Jay Michalak

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Joe Boo

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Justin Buduo

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Justin Buduo

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Kurt Brown

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Lou Gomes

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Matt Myrdal

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Mike Christie

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Sean Sullivan

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Steve Schoenfeldt

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Tara Quinn

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Tattoo Da Cosa Nasce Cosa

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Test 4 19 704

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Test 4 19 717

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Test 4 19 721

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Test 4 19 740

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Test 4 19 749

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Test 4 19 752

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Vic Tobon

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Will Self

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