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Aaron Della Vedova

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Adrian Dominic

In-Progress Biomech Sleeve Tattoo Tattoo Design ThumbnailFiligree Leg Tattoo  Tattoo Design ThumbnailColor Creature Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Adrian Lee

untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnailuntitled Tattoo Design Thumbnailuntitled Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Alexis Vaatete

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Andre Malcolm

Koi Rib Tattoo Tattoo Design ThumbnailGolden Koi Backpiece Tattoo Tattoo Design ThumbnailGolden Koi Backpiece Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Big Gus

black and grey sea monster tattoo, Big Gus Art Junkies tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnailblack and grey angel tattoo, Big Gus Art Junkies Tattoo  Tattoo Design Thumbnailrealistic color rose tattoo, Big Gus Art Junkies Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Carlos Rojas

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Carlos Torres

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Carson Hill

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Chet Zar

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Cory Norris

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Damen Tesch

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Dan Raziel

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Daniel Chashoudian

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Danny Warner

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Dean Deakyne

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Donny Newman

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Eddie Zavala

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Edwin Marin

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Heidi Ellis

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Ink & Dagger Tattoo

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Jennifer Schichi

Dragon1 Tattoo Design ThumbnailPanther Tattoo Design ThumbnailDragon Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Jeremiah Barba

Skull backpiece Tattoo Design ThumbnailArm pit Monster!! Tattoo Design ThumbnailNosferatu Portrait Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Jeremy Hall

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Jess Yen

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Jim Miner

decorative arm tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnailnew school rose Tattoo Design ThumbnailLighthouse Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Joshua ortega

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Justin Cabrera

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Kari Barba

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Kim Saigh

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Kimberly Bearden

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Kirk Alley

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Lisa Orth

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LT Woods

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Matt Matik

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Matt Shamah

Spit apple Tattoo Design ThumbnailCherry Blossum back piece Tattoo Design ThumbnailReaper Rose Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Megan Wilson

untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnailuntitled Tattoo Design ThumbnailDaggered Tiger Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Michael Arneson

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Mischa Matulich

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Nick Chaboya

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Nicole Joy Miller

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Obie Hughes

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Phil Garcia

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Poch Tattoos

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Rick Guillen

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Ron Earhart

Red Bio Organic Tattoo Tattoo Design ThumbnailNeon Biomech Halfsleeve Tattoo Tattoo Design ThumbnailBiomech Back and Shoulder Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Sean Patrick Mitchell

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Shad Perlich

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Shawn Barber

Collective Skulls Tattoo Design ThumbnailSkull and Snake Tattoo Tattoo Design ThumbnailSnake Back Piece Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Stephen Sanchez

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The Ripley Family

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Tivon H. Creager

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Vincent Vickers Jr

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California Tattoo News

11/1/07 - Ventura Convention 11/2 - 11/4 - Nuema Tattoo Machines
5/4/07 - TATTOO MARATHON PT.5 - Nuema Tattoo Machines
4/22/07 - HOME FROM TRANSCEND - Nuema Tattoo Machines
4/15/07 - NEUMATATTOOMACHINES.COM IS UP! - Nuema Tattoo Machines
3/11/07 - TRANSCEND GUEST SPOT - Nuema Tattoo Machines
3/7/07 - MICHELLE WORTMAN IS COMING TO LA - Nuema Tattoo Machines
2/23/07 - NEUMATATTOO.COM IS COMING! - Nuema Tattoo Machines
2/23/07 - FREE Neuma Tattoo Machine Seminar THIS MONDAY 2/26! - Nuema Tattoo Machines
2/6/07 - BLADEY/HOOKY BIOMECH - Nuema Tattoo Machines
1/16/07 - MONS, BELGIUM GUEST SPOT - Nuema Tattoo Machines
1/16/07 - ANTWERP, BELGIUM GUEST SPOT - Nuema Tattoo Machines
1/16/07 - ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS GUEST SPOT - Nuema Tattoo Machines
1/14/07 - NEW PAINTINGS AND TATTOOS - Nuema Tattoo Machines
1/12/07 - IF YOU ARE IN THE UK AND WANT TO GET TATTOOED BY ME... - Nuema Tattoo Machines
12/29/06 - PHOTO UPDATE - Nuema Tattoo Machines
12/23/06 - IM BACK FROM AMSTERDAM - Nuema Tattoo Machines
12/11/06 - AMSTERDAM TRIP - Nuema Tattoo Machines
12/11/06 - NEUMA MACHINES ARE IN STOCK!!!!!! - Nuema Tattoo Machines
12/11/06 - DETROIT TATTOO CONVENTION - Nuema Tattoo Machines
12/1/06 - TRANSCEND GUEST SPOT - Nuema Tattoo Machines
12/1/06 - DAYTON, OHIO CONVENTION - Nuema Tattoo Machines
11/22/06 - OFF THE MAP GUEST SPOT PART 2 - Nuema Tattoo Machines
11/19/06 - BACK FROM FLA., NEUMAS BACK IN STOCK - Nuema Tattoo Machines

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