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From: lucatat2@hotmail.comSubject: RE: Interview questionsDate: September 29, 2006 2:35:57 AM EDTTo: gabe@tattoonow.com Allright Gabe ,it takes me for ever to write in a decent shape in english so take it easy,with the questions:-) First up, the easy questions. When did you start drawing and did you have any formal training? I started when i was a kid,my dad helped me approaching to it,he used to oil paint back then ,so the smell of turpentine and oil pigments is in my first memories.In that period I was also tought by my dad the basics of guitar,very basics him being a bass guitar player.I ve always being divided between this two passions alternating them was a kind of need.After that early approach I kept studying and try to improve but I was lacking consictency ,being focused on my primary studies.For four years I studied history of art in Florence and tried some luck with a band,my passion for art grew stongly then.But it's only when I started tattooing that I was able to focus my creative energies on a project and a direction .In the meanwhile I still have the need to run to my guitar every time my drawing struggle When did you start tattooing and did you have any formal training? About ten years ago I got my first tattoo from Markan tattoo.In Italy there were few tattoo shops back then and I knew nothing about tattooing .Markan agreed to teach me .Wasn't too long till he gave me a couple of horrendous machines and blessed me ready to go.After butchering a couple of friends I took all my disappointment for the lousy teachings of the" way too old school" mentor and eager to see a pro in action i flew to london and for the next two years I periodically flew up there to get my left sleeve done by Bugs at Evil from the needle.That whole experience gave me the right inputs to start learning the art the right way.After that three years ago I came to the States.I always looked up to the great artists in this industry,and try to feed off of them,they are my everyday inspiration,and they have been my school.Since I m here in long island some great guys I've been working with have taught me a lot refining my tecnique.I strongly believe that daily cooperation with other good artists is the key to artistic growth. Do you notice a difference between European clients and American ones? Northern Europe has a much older tattoo history so people is more educated and open in the matter, just as the american scene . Italy and the mediterranean europe anyway are newbies to the tattoo culture, they feel the fascination of it ,as of every strong voice from overseas ,but they are not as well educated as far as knowing the potential of this art.Other then that,italians bargain a lot more!and forget about tips!lol Tell us about your dream client? The client is a key to a well done tattoo;for me anyone who is passionate about an idea,a concept,a state of mind and ask me to translate it in images is the ideal customer.Artists have been struggling for centuries trying to speak their voices only through religious themed commissions . Now we have the privilege of having a clientele that ask for different ,personal subjects(not as much as they should) ,but a deeply personal approach to the choice of the tattoo to get is definetly the way to go. Do you feel about the state of the world? Damn,thats a big question.If u look at the big scenario we live in a world ruled by corporative powers that worship money beyond human life.Wealthy people are kept submissive with a mediocre education,extremely specialized ,so may be a genius in your field but have no idea of where Tanzania is.I was in Tanzania three years ago for two weeks,kids die for easily curable diseases,every fuckin day.Then I came back home and kept on havin fun with my bike and my toys,like everyone else.There is a huge social injustice around at many different levels and any attempt to fight this state of things is pure oxygen.I send for this my total support and admiration to the great Nick Baxter for his "crusade"(how appropriate,this days).Personally this relates to my art cause it touches my feelings but i m still in a very personal individualistic stage in my growth.If trough art your voice get big enough I think is a moral obligation to speak up for a little decency in this world. Looking for unique Luca Natalini Tattoos?  skull n' wings How does your philosophy on life enter your tattooing? I really love this job,having the possibility to add a touch of beauty in the world,everyday the way I see it..And when u see that somebody else sees the same beauty in it it's so rewording .You commit to forms ,colors,layouts,to give a material shape to a mind process.This is true for any art but in figurative arts the way others receive the product is immediate(music and writing have a time component),then usually emotional,instinctive. On my side always fascinates me how u have to fluctuate between emotional and rational while tattooing or painting,and how much of yourself you gotta put in a piece,for it to be true to you.For me it s a very personal and emotional struggle,to push to get a little forward,dealing with confidence that comes and goes.But in the end the whole process of a good tattoo,think it,sketch it ,line it ,shade and colors,refine it ,take pictures,look at them at home,in the end I always learn something new about myself. What wont you tattoo? any artwork I don't think is decent enough and extremist political simbols Will you tattoo for the rest of your life? No doubt ! Unless I pull off a kick ass record ,in that case I 'd rather be a rock star for a while.Just kidding! Love this life,tattooing painting drawing ,I think I'll stick with it. Email Luca Natalini Call (631) 2357912

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