Steve Phipps

 " Before commissioning TattooNow to build and host my website, I took on the daunting task of building my own sites and promoting myself through social media. When I finally came to my senses and put it in their hands, my business increased drastically and the site paid for itself in just a few short weeks. This was the start of branding myself in the body art world. My business cards, post cards and banner match my site style. 
  As a gallery and body art studio owner, I get solicitation calls from companies wanting to build a site or just host my existing site. I let them go through their sales pitch as I laugh on the inside. Then I show them the easy function of my site and I top off my moment with showing them how easy it is to update my site through the TattooNow interface and by showing them the countless features in the community. I send them away with their heads bowed as they cannot come close to comparing to what TattooNow offers specifically to artists. "