Tattoos by Keyword

Color - Peacock Mandala Shoulder Cap
Color Tattoos
Black and Gray - Dotwork Hungover Wolf
Black and Gray Tattoos
Nature Animal Wildlife - Octopus Morph
Nature Animal Wildlife Tattoos
Portrait - Noodles the 3 Legged Nebula Kitty
Portrait Tattoos
Tribal - Realistic Maori Mask Black and Gray
Tribal Tattoos
Coverup - Crying Woman and Crow tattoo
Coverup Tattoos
Feminine - Geometric and Floral Peony Tattoo by David Mushaney
Feminine Tattoos
Small - Crawdad Tattoo
Small Tattoos
Original Art - Pheonix Tattoo
Original Art Tattoos
Traditional Asian - Peony(Botan) and Blossums
Traditional Asian Tattoos
Ethnic Celtic Knotwork - Celtic Knot Triangle
Ethnic Celtic Knotwork Tattoos
Pin Up - Day of the Dead Pinup Tattoo
Pin Up Tattoos
Lettering - MOREAU
Lettering Tattoos
Movie Sci Fi - Creature from the Black Lagoon
Movie Sci Fi Tattoos
Biker - Stippled skull tattoo
Biker Tattoos
Religious - Pieta Backpiece
Religious Tattoos
Bio Mech - Bio Organic anatomical foot tattoo
Bio Mech Tattoos
Traditional Old School - Evil Luck Rabbit
Traditional Old School Tattoos
New School - Cocinero Sugar Skull
New School Tattoos
Rework - Pirate Betty Pinup Rework
Rework Tattoos
Ethnic Native American - Native American Skull
Ethnic Native American Tattoos
Fine Line - bone church
Fine Line Tattoos
Oddities - Neotraditional Avocado Color Tattoo
Oddities Tattoos
Music - Crimson Octopus
Music Tattoos
Ethnic Tibetan - Bee and Statue
Ethnic Tibetan Tattoos
Evil - Skull Girl Tattoo
Evil Tattoos
Flower - Hand Job
Flower Tattoos
Sports -
Sports Tattoos
Cartoon - Amanda Valdes Edward Scissorhands
Cartoon Tattoos
Dark Skin - Rose By Any Other Name
Dark Skin Tattoos
Traditional O - Cigueña a color tradicional
Traditional O Tattoos
Ethnic American - Red Tailed Hawk
Ethnic American Tattoos
Bio-Organic - Scyther tattoo on calf
Bio-Organic Tattoos
Nature Animal Butterfly - Rose Butterfly Morph Tattoo
Nature Animal Butterfly Tattoos
Fantasy Fairy - New Beginnings Pixie Hollow Cover Up Tattoo
Fantasy Fairy Tattoos
Fantasy Dragon - King of the Monsters
Fantasy Dragon Tattoos
Memorial - RIP
Memorial Tattoos
In Progress - Pine Tree Forest Half-Sleeve Tattoo
In Progress Tattoos
In Progress Tattoos
In Progress - Adrian and I Tattooing Together
In Progress Tattoos
Skin Rips - Skin Rip Shield Tattoo
Skin Rips Tattoos
Movie Horror - Jack and Sally from A nightmare before Christmas
Movie Horror Tattoos
Skull - bone church
Skull Tattoos
Nature Sun - Custom sleeve by Donny
Nature Sun Tattoos
Nature Fire - Dreaming In Water & Flames
Nature Fire Tattoos
Fire-fighters - fire fighter sleeve
Fire-fighters Tattoos
Severed Head - Frame it
Severed Head Tattoos
Nature Animal Insect - sisyphus
Nature Animal Insect Tattoos
Collaborative - Custom Tree Frog Leg Tattoo
Collaborative Tattoos
Blackwork - Iron workers
Blackwork Tattoos
Movie Star Wars - Yoda black and grey portrait tattoo
Movie Star Wars Tattoos
Realistic - Trash Polka Style Lion and Rose
Realistic Tattoos
Art Nouveau - Wolf!
Art Nouveau Tattoos
Traditional Japanese - Namakubi 2
Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Nature Water - venice sleeve
Nature Water Tattoos
Military - USCG
Military Tattoos
Aerosol Inspired - Lollipoppy
Aerosol Inspired Tattoos
Custom - Sea Shell
Custom Tattoos
Celebrity - The mummy
Celebrity Tattoos
Archive - Raven and roses chest and abdomen coverup
Archive Tattoos
Illustrations - Lord Of The Rings Vignette
Illustrations Tattoos
Aerosol Inspired Graffiti - Nuclear anchor
Aerosol Inspired Graffiti Tattoos
Religious Angel - St. Michael Backpiece
Religious Angel Tattoos
Ethnic - Aztec Warrior Skull
Ethnic Tattoos
Animal - Hermit Crab with Skull Shell
Animal Tattoos
Movie - Ring Wraith
Movie Tattoos
Religious Devil - Darth Maul (Healed)
Religious Devil Tattoos
Religious Demon - Baphamet pinup
Religious Demon Tattoos
Religious Jesus - religious piece
Religious Jesus Tattoos
Religious Praying Hands - Black & Gray Sleeve
Religious Praying Hands Tattoos
Religious Cross - Skull candle rose
Religious Cross Tattoos
Nature Animal Dog - Brittany Spaniel Dog Portrait
Nature Animal Dog Tattoos
Nature Animal Bird - Peacock Tattoo
Nature Animal Bird Tattoos
Nature Animal Cat - Snow Leopard
Nature Animal Cat Tattoos
Nature Animal Pig - Custome Eurynome Tattoo
Nature Animal Pig Tattoos
Nature Animal Bear - bear forest morph
Nature Animal Bear Tattoos
Nature Animal Bull - owl and moon
Nature Animal Bull Tattoos
Nature Animal Dolphin - Space & Nautical Collision
Nature Animal Dolphin Tattoos
Nature Animal Dragonfly - Nature and energy
Nature Animal Dragonfly Tattoos
Nature Animal Eagle - Fire Bird
Nature Animal Eagle Tattoos
Nature Animal Horse - Custom Watercolor style Horse
Nature Animal Horse Tattoos
Nature Animal Ladybug - Realistic lilies, lady bug, and butterly half back feminine tattoo
Nature Animal Ladybug Tattoos
Nature Animal Lion - Jungle Themed Full-Sleeve
Nature Animal Lion Tattoos
Nature Animal Lizard - Neo-Traditional Velociraptor in a Top Hat Color Tattoo
Nature Animal Lizard Tattoos
Nature Animal Koi Fish - Koi back piece
Nature Animal Koi Fish Tattoos
Nature Animal Panther - Wildlife Sleeve
Nature Animal Panther Tattoos
Nature Animal Scorpion - Scorpion Tattoo
Nature Animal Scorpion Tattoos
Nature Animal Snake - Skul, Snake and Flowers
Nature Animal Snake Tattoos
Nature Animal Spider - Flower Heart
Nature Animal Spider Tattoos
Nature Animal Tiger - Custom Tiger Back piece in Progression
Nature Animal Tiger Tattoos
Nature Animal Turtle - Sea Turtle Tattoo
Nature Animal Turtle Tattoos
Nature Animal Wolf - Wolf Skull and Rose
Nature Animal Wolf Tattoos
Comic Book - Lego Flash
Comic Book Tattoos
Traditional Japanese Koi Fish - Koi Cover Up
Traditional Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos
Traditional Japanese Kanji - Kanji
Traditional Japanese Kanji Tattoos
Evil Death - Post-Apocalyptic Skull
Evil Death Tattoos
Evil Grim Reaper - reaper
Evil Grim Reaper Tattoos
Gambling - gamblers and casino half sleeve
Gambling Tattoos
Ethnic Irish - Shield Rehab
Ethnic Irish Tattoos
Ethnic Italian - Tiger
Ethnic Italian Tattoos
Ethnic Flag - ;IGY6
Ethnic Flag Tattoos
Fantasy Pheonix - Blue pheonix
Fantasy Pheonix Tattoos
Fantasy Warrior - Goddess Athena Color Tattoo
Fantasy Warrior Tattoos
Heart - Corazón Tradicional con Manos Enlazadas
Heart Tattoos
Movie Horror Frankenstein - windmill burns
Movie Horror Frankenstein Tattoos
Movie Horror Vampire - wolman
Movie Horror Vampire Tattoos
Wings - Blue Heron & Red Snapper tattoo
Wings Tattoos
Nature Moon - cosmic tree scene
Nature Moon Tattoos
Star - Dotwork Mandala
Star Tattoos
Flower Rose - rose and candle
Flower Rose Tattoos
Flower Vine - bird and roses
Flower Vine Tattoos
Flower Lily - Black and Grey Flowers
Flower Lily Tattoos
Nature Tree - Tree and bird on shoulder blade
Nature Tree Tattoos
Flower Tulip - flower tattoos
Flower Tulip Tattoos
Flower Cherry Blossom - deer skull
Flower Cherry Blossom Tattoos
Fantasy Mermaid - Mermaid
Fantasy Mermaid Tattoos
Flower Chrysanthemum - Left Calf Vitiligo Cover Up
Flower Chrysanthemum Tattoos
Evil Zombie - The Night King
Evil Zombie Tattoos
Religious Mary - untitled
Religious Mary Tattoos
Car - Crazy monkey junkyard
Car Tattoos
Flower Lotus - Tattoo Ornamental Flor de Loto
Flower Lotus Tattoos
Family Heritage - Minnesota Wilderness Sleeve with Viking
Family Heritage Tattoos
Family - Wedding Half Sleeve
Family Tattoos
Myth - mythology sleeve
Myth Tattoos
Vintage - Traditional style Mandala
Vintage Tattoos
nature animal owl - Owl Black and Gray
nature animal owl Tattoos
Nature Animal Shark - under water sleeve
Nature Animal Shark Tattoos
Fantasy Gargoyle - Wordbearer
Fantasy Gargoyle Tattoos
Misc - Van Gogh  Cathedral Color Tattoo
Misc Tattoos
New - American Traditional Old School Swallow Feminine Tattoo Detail
New Tattoos
Traditional Japanese Dragon - Japanese Dragon Half Sleeve
Traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoos
Traditional Japanese Hanya - In progress Hannya
Traditional Japanese Hanya Tattoos
Spiritual - The Roots of Wisdom
Spiritual Tattoos
Nature - Cosmic Eye Tattoo
Nature Tattoos
Nature Sea Shells - nautilus skull
Nature Sea Shells Tattoos
Body Part Arm Sleeve - cathedral morph
Body Part Arm Sleeve Tattoos
Half-Sleeve - Bengal Tiger Shoulder piece
Half-Sleeve Tattoos
Nature Animal - deer skull
Nature Animal Tattoos
Royal King - Lion Armor (Cover Up) Tattoo Sleeve
Royal King Tattoos
Body Part Leg Sleeve - The Dark Tower (Barad Dur)
Body Part Leg Sleeve Tattoos
Body Part Foot - Geometric Triangle
Body Part Foot Tattoos
Body Part Side - the old man and the sea
Body Part Side Tattoos
Body Part Back - Butterfly
Body Part Back Tattoos
Body Part Lower Back - BLACKASFUCK
Body Part Lower Back Tattoos
Body Part Leg - Peony Flower Tattoo
Body Part Leg Tattoos
Body Part Ankle - Tres Rosas Tradicionales
Body Part Ankle Tattoos
Body Part Hand - Corazón Playa Tradicional Color
Body Part Hand Tattoos
Body Part Shoulder - Pit Bull Portrait
Body Part Shoulder Tattoos
Body Part Calf - Phoenix
Body Part Calf Tattoos
Body Part Neck - Deathhead moth and roses fancy neck piece coverup
Body Part Neck Tattoos
Body Part Arm - Heart light bulb
Body Part Arm Tattoos
Nature Animal Rhinoceros - The Rhino
Nature Animal Rhinoceros Tattoos
Space and Aliens - Retro Space Girl Pinup Tattoo
Space and Aliens Tattoos
Sci Fi - monsters
Sci Fi Tattoos
Fantasy - Lord Of The Rings Vignette Closeup
Fantasy Tattoos
Flower Venus Flytrap - NeoTraditional Skulls, skeletons, lily, bluebells
Flower Venus Flytrap Tattoos
Ying Yang - Feathers and fangs
Ying Yang Tattoos
Ethnic Asian - Wholehearted
Ethnic Asian Tattoos
Key - Bee Key
Key Tattoos
Flower Asian Pear Blossom - apsara
Flower Asian Pear Blossom Tattoos
Body Part Chest Tattoos for Men - Realistic Big Horn Sheep chest piece
Body Part Chest Tattoos for Men Tattoos
Body Part Chest Tattoos for Women - untitled
Body Part Chest Tattoos for Women Tattoos
Food Cupcake - art nouveau pastery chef pinup
Food Cupcake Tattoos
eyeball - Photorealistic Eye Tattoo
eyeball Tattoos
Food - vintage anemone flower and blueberries tattoo
Food Tattoos
Nature Animal Octopus - Octopoda
Nature Animal Octopus Tattoos
Flower Poppy - Cali quailand poppies
Flower Poppy Tattoos
Nature Animal Rabbit - fairytale garden rabbits tattoo
Nature Animal Rabbit Tattoos
Abstract - Metatron's Cube
Abstract Tattoos
Bodyset - Floral Body Set
Bodyset Tattoos
Stand Alone - The old man and the Sea
Stand Alone Tattoos
Sleeves - Linework Tattoo
Sleeves Tattoos
Back & Chest - Anchor
Back & Chest Tattoos
Singular - untitled
Singular Tattoos
nature animal shrimp - Seahorse
nature animal shrimp Tattoos
Nautical - Manatee
Nautical Tattoos
General - Jellyfish Thigh tattoo
General Tattoos
Cross - praying hands and rose
Cross Tattoos
Zodiac symbol tattoos - Astronomical Clock Black and Gray
Zodiac symbol tattoos Tattoos
Bodyset - Hyperspace - Spacekatazz
Bodyset - Hyperspace Tattoos
Tattoo Concepts - Standing In Sunlight
Tattoo Concepts Tattoos
Permanent Makeup - untitled
Permanent Makeup Tattoos
Finished Work - Statue and Clock in Black and Gray
Finished Work Tattoos
Whim - Deathhead moth fancy neckpiece back view
Whim Tattoos
Example - Unicorn and phoenix battle backpiece b&w
Example Tattoos
Cosmetic - dotwork linework mandala full sleeve tattoo done in 5 consecutive sittings in about 30 hours at at Off the Map, Cervignano del Fruili , Italy
Cosmetic Tattoos
Areola Reconstruction - dotwork linework mandala tattoo  done on the 2nd day at Off the Map, Cervignano del Fruili , Italy
Areola Reconstruction Tattoos
Polynesian Tribal - Polynesian Turtle/ Hibiscus
Polynesian Tribal Tattoos
Hawaii Style - Elvis
Hawaii Style Tattoos