Needlejig Tattoo Supply - creator of original round mag tattoo needles


Marc Lescarbeau, founder of Needlejig Tattoo Supply shares his experiences and history in the tattoo business including the start of Needlejig Tattoo Supply which is one of the few artist owned and operated supply companies out there. Marc talks about how he started customizing his tattoo supplies and then started creating his own to improve his tattooing, how Needlejig vets every first-time order to ensure their supplies are going to licensed tattooers in a professional environment. Needlejig is at over 2 dozen tattoo conventions a year and he enjoys talking to tattoo artists about their tattoo machine and needle problems in person at tattoo conventions. He discusses the round magnum tattoo needle theory, and of course the evolution from needlejigs which started with a conversation with Rick Walters and Catfish Carl at Inkslinger's Ball in Hollywood, CA. He also gives insight into product evolution from traditional Needlejig needles on bars to the latest Dynasty Membrane Cartridges. Needljig is a complete supply house with East and West coast locations that carry all of your favorite supplies from traditional coil machines to new fangled rotaries as well as your tattoo needles, tattoo tubes, medical supplies, ink, aftercare, and even furniture. #Needlejig #legacycartridges #gripitz |