Jeff Gogue's Surrender - Full Movie


Spanning the course of seven years, this self-produced short documentary shares the journey of Oregon based tattooer, Jeff Gogué, as he travels to Yokohama, Japan to get his back tattooed by world-renowned tattoo master, Shigenori Iwasaki (Yellowblaze). The candid behind-the-scenes travel footage, coupled with the stories of four of Jeff’s own clients getting large scale tattoo work, and their perspective on the process and consequences to having such work done is sure to evoke introspection, imagination, and understanding whether you have tattoos, make tattoos, like tattoos or not.

About Jeff Gogue Jeff began tattooing in the summer of 1999 while in his mid twenties in a small northern California town. Over the past eighteen years, Jeff has become an influential contributor to both the culture and community of tattooing worldwide. With numerous international awards and a global audience, Jeff uses his platform to share unique perspectives on the art form and its current movement. Jeff’s previous documentary work includes Tattoo As I See It. For the last twelve years, Jeff resides in Grants Pass, Oregon where he works at Off The Map Tattoo Northwest. For more information about Jeff, please visit his website, Facebook, YouTube at and follow him on Instagram at @gogueart.