Not so long ago, to be exact Januray the 5th 1976, the hellfires spit out a demon in human form who was known to some as Thomas "LEE" Wendtner. In his early years he used the art of drawing to bring his diabolic message to the masses and with the age of 18 started to engrave his demented visions into lost souls flesh. Tommy Lee found his new resting place in Cologne after being his whole existence in Austria/Taiwan/USA but will spread the plague all over the world from time to time. Be it Tattoo Conventions or guest spots in different studios. Not much is known about this demon, but with time he'll reveal his true nature! And here you'll find a little peek into this dark place called his mind... Earth is a dark, evil and chaotic place. It's the place he calls home. Demons within, dark cloaked figure...

Travel Dates

Paradise Tattoo Gathering

10.10.19 - 10.13.19 Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort Hancock, MA