my name is Terence Tait I am originally from "steel-city" Hamilton Ontario . Canada.ive been tattooing for 13 years.. I enjoy a whole range of tattoo styles . . anything from black and grey to color , im probably best known for colour ..

before tattooing I worked in  a steel factory , I always loved art and was drawing ...
I got my first tattoo at a young age. and from there I was hooked ... 

I  started a traditional tattoo apprenticeship , in Hamilton
before moving up to managing and owning the tattoo shop there ..

I moved to Australia with my wife and daughter and opened my tattoo shop Ink ur bod in Cairns  Queensland ,Australia . in 2012 ..

I currently travel to most conventions in Australia as well as overseas to America ...
and am very blessed to be a part of the Eternal ink Family ..
when I am not tattooing i'm spending time with my friends and family , my daughter loves to paint so we do that when we get the time ..
I really do love the tattoo industry and im blessed enough to be able to meet some of the artists I look up to , , I think  its really cool , we can all learn from eachother .. talk to eachother . and swap stories ..

I do guest spots and conventions .. I love the stories that my customers tell me that's what makes a great experience I really enjoy talking to and connecting with my client it is a privilege to tattoo them ..
  my artwork I do many different types of  artwork and am always experimenting .. I love designing in itself and I enjoy doing all my own cards and banners if you look closely they are all usually hand painted.. I love getting lost in the land of colour .   as well as in the shades of black and grey  ..