I’ve always loved anything to do with art & style, dabbling in music, sewing, painting, and design. I had babies young, fulfilling my ultimate goal of being a mom, but once I pursued a corporate career I quickly realized that I need to spend my time being creative and interacting with people. I have 2 biological kids and 2 kids through adoption. My daughter Zo was adopted at the age of 16 and she came with a bunch of tattoos that she wanted to have covered up. I always wanted to be a tattoo artist but Zo was the one who spoke up and said “my mom draws, teach her to tattoo!”, which started my apprenticeship. Zo passed away unexpectedly when she was 17 from an overdose. She was my first tattoo and my biggest cheerleader, so she inspires me every day. I love having the opportunity to get to know my clients and work with them to give them a piece of art that they can take with them forever. I am obsessed with fine line tattoos, geometric, floral and anything inspiring.