Back many years ago… on the east side of the large waters a child was born… he possessed many artistic skills.. at a young age his desire to further his knowledge in the art of the skin drove him on a journey… He packed what little he needed to survive.. and began his long quest to the West. A quest to find the land of the angels… and the teacher he desired.. after years of hard study and devastating tasks of creating styles of art that would bring joy to the tens of thousands of people he had thus created it on… his quest was fulfilled and by the teachers whom had taught him and tested his skills to the fuller he was anointed a true master!

And now.. with the desire to teach others the craft of transferring incredible art from mind to skin and also to canvas… he started his new journey from the land of angels east and south ending in the land of rivers and forest… he settled with a vision… a vision of creating a space in which true artists could gather and create and transpose their artistic endeavors to skin and to canvas… in the year of the wood rooster his fate was achieved… and… The Hand of Fate was born… 6 cycles of the sun later this amazing master of skin art Mathew Delamort set up his Blu Hanya… a place where one can enjoy his master skills of the trade… He continues teaching the skills of art on the skin and in many other mediums… to those with an intense desire to further their knowledge… and to learn the ways from one of the land's finest masters… he still travels… bringing home many awards from the great conventions… but… on any given day… you can find master Mathew Delamort at The Blu Hanya… creating only the finest art on the skin… or perhaps teaching the ways of a true master to an apprentice which he hand picked to carry on his ways… a value system of artistic ways which are second to none!