My name is Marek Pawlik, everyone knows me as Marzan
I was born in Silesia, Poland in 1978. 

Ever since I left school I wanted to be a tattoo artist.
I always knew I can make it. There was no YouTube shorts and articles about tattooing that time, so it was a long bridge to cross and a long way to walk but I was determined to get the knowledge. 

First I've started with home experiments. Later - in 1998 I've opened one of the first professional tattoo shops in my region - Sauron Tattoo Studio. As I wanted to develop my experience, I was looking for something more and started to pierce people. Swiftly, I have realized there was a place for piercing and body modification on professional basis in Poland, and in 1999 I became the exclusive distributor of the best body piercing company - The Wildcat Collection. The atmosphere of family relations and trust made me work with them till these days .

I've been going to international tattoo conventions since 2000. I have won more than 60 prizes and feel satisfied with my work being recognized.To improve my work I constantly travel and share my opinion and experience with other professionals. 

The whole time I discover new ways of expressing myself through art and drawing. In my mind tattooing is not only studio management and work - it's the way of living, it's fun, it's fulfillment, but above all - it's passion.

Travel Dates

Marek Pawlik @ Off The Map Easthampton

03.22.18 - 03.25.18 Off The Map Tattoo Easthampton, MA