I was born and raised in OK.and I started drawing and painting at a very young age, around age two, I think, and I never looked back! I attended the Art Institute of Dallas briefly after high school in Norman OK. and loved it but could not afford the costs. I feel very blessed with my ability and I am glad to share my talent with others. Tattooing here in Oklahoma is still very new. Our legalization date was Nov. 1st 2006 and we've been going strong since. I have been tattooing since 1998 and up until we were legal, I amongst others had to tattoo underground. Now, I just want to show the world that talent does exist here in the "bible belt". I've won many awards for my tattoos in OK, TX, FL, & WI. When I'm not tattooing, I'm at home painting in my studio or hanging out with my lovely wife and son.