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Mini Skull Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Liz Cook
Memorial Anchor Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Emily Kay
Polaroid+eye and rose!!! Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Resident artist Andrea Tartari
ak47 rose Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Geary Morrill
Sailing ship Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Silvio Vukadin
watercolor apple Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Micle Andersson

Rob Talo
Likeness of Buddha  Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Mike Demasi
Realistic eye with hand crawling out tattoo, Scott Grosjean Art Junkies Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Scott Grosjean
Mummy matriochka Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Emy Blacksheep
Medusa Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Emy Blacksheep

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Tattoo of the Day - 7/21/14 by Jin O


Foodog Tattoo Design Thumbnail

Half sleeve

Recent Tattoos of the Day

Foodog Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Jin O
Fox Hunt Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Erin Chance
dark crow Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Emy Blacksheep
Black and Gray Skull and Rose Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Jose Perez Jr
Girly skull Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Emy Blacksheep
Black and Gray Scuba Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Jose Perez Jr
Surreal Lock and Key  Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Timothy B Boor
Skull and Bird Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Phatt German
3D Sea Turtle Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Stevie Monie
The Fish Reaper Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Shane Baker

Rob Talo
The Protector Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Vince Villalvazo

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Off The Map LIVE with Jime Litwalk, Craig Foster and Joe King. Sweepstakes winner of 15k in prizes also announced!

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You can sign up for free to be entered into tonights before 10pm EDT! There will be one last drawing so feel free to for the grand prize being announced soon! You can sign up by clicking the link below!

Tonight: Craig Foster & Jime Litwalk will catch up with host Ben Licata about their latest project Snactoos. Later in the show Matt will go over the latest with Network News and introduce the last weeks Tattoo of The Day Winners. In house Joe King of Off The Map will be joining us. Joe is very active spending time immersing himself in creative ventures such as tattooing, painting, playing banjo and doing print work.  Tune in at 10pm EDT @ to chat live with other viewers and ask questions.


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Pioneer Day
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submitted on 7/24/14 by - Lucky Bamboo Tattoo

Happy Pioneer Day Utah!!

We are open today, come see us.

Italian Inspiration
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submitted on 7/24/14 by - Max Rothert at Off the Map Tattoo

During Max's trip to Italy, inspiration is in no short supply. The architecture, though and detail put into the buildings and landmarks is stunning. This light post at the Vatican is a perfect example of so much. The beautiful ornamental iron filagree is perfect inspiration for the tattoos Max loves to do in that style. 

The doors in Italy put the US to shame. Every entry way is a statement, a beautiful showcase of whats to come. The door are all custom, unique and intricately designs. The combination of wood and metal is quite popular and Max would love to play with that combination of textures and materials in future tattoo projects.

The attention to detail in Italian architecture is really unmatched. The history is so rich and the pride shows through in so many historical landmarks, as well at kept homes throughtout.

This Pilar is in the Vatican and made us think of the bee tattoo below that Max did a few months back on a walk in tattoo. We did some research out of curiosity and found out the symbol of bees actually have quite a bit of history in Italy.

Max will be returning to Italy for two months from mid October to mid December and would love to do more tattoos inspired by Italy's rich history. If you would like to explore getting tattooed by Max on his next Italian adventure, fill out an online consult form with your idea! Ciao! 

Friends Drawing Friends
 Thanks for sharing!

submitted on 7/24/14 by - Frank Ready Tattoos

It's a good rule of thumb that friends should let friends drink and draw. And even better if friends draw each other!

This fun illustration is of repeat guest artist and friend of the shop, Josh Suchoza. If nothing else we know Frank has a future in caricature's! This exaggerated style is fun in drawings, but also tattoos! Frank would love to tattoo a similar version of you, a friend or family member, a pet, a favorite celebrity, or whatever else you can dream up!

This more imaginative piece is of Matt O'Brien, our production manager over at, our website development company. TattooNOW is another division Off the Map Inc and they happened to develop Frank's website!

The man, the myth, the legend, THE JOE-CLOPS! This one is based of resident artist Joe King, who is one of Frank's best buddies. Frank also enjoys taking on projects with this techni-color effect!

Need a fun gift for a friend? You could always contact Frank to commission a portrait of a loved one!

Meet our Artists
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submitted on 7/23/14 by - Dark Water Tattoos

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