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Here's a roundup of all the tattoo artists, conventions, events, & news from Texas in the TattooNOW Network.

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Andres Acosta

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Ashley Bubbles McBride

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Caleb Stone

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Clint Leifeste

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Cody Hennings

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Daddy Jack

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Danny Elliott

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Danny Elliott

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David Parker

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Hank Kuya

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Haylie Erin

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Jake Hand

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Jason Mims

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Joey Rodriguez

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John C Peterson

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Jonathan Montalvo

black rhino tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnaillobster tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnailblack cock tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Kelly Gormley

Sketchy barbarian start of full back Tattoo Design ThumbnailSketchy sexy girl Tattoo Design ThumbnailSave the owl Tattoo Design Thumbnail
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Marco Hyder

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Mario Padilla

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McFarland Brown

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Michael Bales

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Paul Diaz

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Rebecca Smith (Beccadoodletattoos)

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Rich Reynolds Esquire

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Ryan Townsend

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Spiro Kambitsis

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Tanner Vendal

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Texas Tattoo News

4/21/18 - Looking For A Human Canvas - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
3/2/18 - Texas Ink & Art Expo - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
11/10/17 - Unfortunate News for a Local Legend - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
10/27/17 - Holiday Hours 2017!!!! - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
8/22/17 - September Tattoo Contest - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
7/25/17 - Talent Wanted - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
6/27/17 - Closing for 4th of July - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
6/21/17 - How much we raised for The Fathers Day Fundraiser! - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
5/24/17 - Community Partners of Dallas Charity - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
5/22/17 - Central Texas Lowbrow Art And Tattoo Convention - Rich Reynolds Esquire Tattoo
4/25/17 - 5th Annual Chop Shop Old School Bike Show & Tattoo Contest - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
3/23/17 - Ink & Art Expo Fort Worth - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
3/20/17 - Welcome to our new website! - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
1/13/17 - Check out our new website built by TattooNOW! - Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio
2/22/15 - Making appointments - Mrs.Smith
12/28/13 - My new work schedule! - Mrs.Smith
6/20/13 - I'm having a Baby! - Mrs.Smith
3/7/13 - Staying put - Mrs.Smith
1/25/13 - Traveling on! - Mrs.Smith
10/8/12 - Guest Spot! - Mrs.Smith
8/2/12 - Germany! - Mrs.Smith
6/14/12 - Medusa Tattoo Studio - Mrs.Smith
6/1/12 - Gyspy Tattooing! - Mrs.Smith
5/23/12 - Tattooing in Germany! - Mrs.Smith
5/10/12 - European Travels Coming!! - Mrs.Smith

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