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Aloha from Hawaii

Posted by Andy King from IP: on 03/13/09
Honolulu Hawaii, USA

Hey this is Andy King. Do you remember I mentioned apprenticing as a tatto artist. Well I am in downtown Honolulu at a spot called Black cat tattoo studio. There are some great artist coming out of here. I draw everyday and love to be in the midst of creativity. Not tattoo-ing yet. Clean plenty tubes and draw. Come out here! This is your invite. You can do tattoo's and vacation. Wish you and your family blessings. Sorry to read about your bro. My prayers as well. Warm aloha.

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RE:Aloha from Hawaii

Posted by from IP: on 03/23/09

what's up my brother
please contact the shop with your phone number so i can talk to you
shit gets crazy and phone numbers get lost, call the shop and leave me your number so i can call you. i am very pleased to hear of the path you have chosen and want to help in any way i can, and would be honored to bring my family and come and hang with you. let's make this shit happen.
warm alohas from the north

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RE:Aloha from Hawaii

Posted by Bobby wald from IP: on 03/24/09

Lou,I spoke with you earlier tonight from Hawaii.
If you decide to visit HI,we should plan it in advance to feature you and your artwork at the studio.
Chinatown has a pretty big monthly art event called"first friday",we are on the gallery walk and participate every month.So far we have had awesome turn outs.We always have a live band and full bar for that time!So on the first friday of the month will be the formal showing where we convert the entire tattoo shop in to a gallery.The next day we get the stations back together yet leave all the art up for viewing/purchasing for the remainder of the month.

lets talk more soon.I dont spell or type

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RE:Aloha from Hawaii

Posted by THOONER (not STINKY ANYMORE) from IP: on 04/24/09


I miss the sweet smell of your odorific emaninations.

Please come to visit. I miss your madness and you can check out my lab!!!!! Yes I run a kick ass fuel cell lab right now...hell I built most of it.

Been out of touch for a long long time.....still can't believe Jeff is married.

Andrew told me about talking with you. Much respect for your support. Im doing my part skin, the skin that helped you start now on the table for Andrew's development.

Got any art for sale? I'd love to get a piece on my wall. Drop me an email or somethin. I might be coming to connecticut in June for a conference and would love to hook up. Hell....if I do come I hope I could schedule some work too.

Much love,
Keith B.

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RE:Aloha from Hawaii

Posted by from IP: on 06/17/09

always be booty to me. can't wait to see you guys, only a couple of more months. the lab sounds pretty cool, can't wait, and happy birthday, see you soon

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