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lump under tattoo

Posted by jacs from IP: on 01/07/09

Hi i had a tattoo about 4 years ago about 18 months ago i noticed a small lump form underneath it, but lately it has grown bigger and is tender, has anyone else suffered from this?

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RE:lump under tattoo

Posted by SAF from IP: on 01/14/09
lancaster, ca, usa

Yes, i'm having the same issue with mine. It's a cover up that I have had for about 3 years and all of a sudden it got lumps underneath it. It is also tender and hurts if scratched.

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RE:lump under tattoo

Posted by KUSHEAZESMYMIND from IP: on 01/14/10
los angeles,ca

hi i got a tattoo two weeks ago and maybe two days ago i noticed a bump undernrarh my tAtt i didnt pay much attention to it but i scratched it by accident in my sleep now it looks like a hole in my tattoo. its veryyyy sore, sore to the point where i have to watch the way i sleep. its also swollen when i squeez it white puss , blood and water comes out of it.. im afraid its never going to go away is this normal???

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RE:lump under tattoo

Posted by ROARERUKI from IP: on 01/15/10

It amazes me that 90% of you come on here to ask the same question over and over again without even contacting your doctor and that most of you go an get your tattoos done in someones kitchen with very little steralization and your suprised that you have infections/reactions

why dont you contact the person who did your tattoo then your doc and then a solicitor if you feel hard done by

i may of missed something but i dont think ive ever noticed that anyone on here is a licensed doctor therefore they couldnt possibly give you a diagnosis

that said

ive had a friend had a tattoo done by a tattooist i know and he reacted very badly to the red he used if memory serves me right it was intenze inks he uses
this to date is the only reaction to that red that the tattooist has ever had

his reaction has died down some 6 years later after his body has just about rejected all of the pigment

but sometimes still flares up

whats good for one aint good for all

tattoo pigment is forgein to your body some will reject some wont its a chance you take and why all shops make sure you sign a waver if any reaction occurs

job done

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RE:lump under tattoo

Posted by Kid the from IP: on 02/09/10
saint joseph missouri buchanan

Im not a doctor by a long shot but after over 30 years tattooing and having been trained as an EMT at the mayo clinic and having red cross advanced first aid what it sounds like to me is there is an enfection of some sorts marsa,staff,or an absess of some kind.the reaction to red is called red syndrome and will not and i said WILL NOT act in this syndrome will be a buffy itchy spot on the TOP of the skin not under the skin.the problem they are having is NOT positivly caused by the could have been poor aftercare on the part of the person with the could have been caused by a thousand diffrent things besides the "roareruki" from the UK stick your answer in your uninformed ass.90% of the tattoo artist i know could have answered this problem the same as i.where do you get off openning your dick sucker and telling people getting a tattoo at someones kitchen table is unsanitary.anyone who has been tattooing for any length of time at all has at one time done a tattoo at their house or in a motel room at a convention.hell i got a tattoo from Lyle Tuttle in a motel room are you going to call him a scratcher you limy do us all a favor and keep your big mouth limy ass in the uk we dont need your bullshit in the states and really i hate reading your posts on here!

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