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ashes in ink

Posted by erlich on 11/18/05

my nephew passed recently due to complications from a surgery i have been asked by the family to give memorial tattoos which in no doubt i will do but i have been asked by some members of the family if they could have there tattoo done with some of my nephews ashes placed in the ink i have heard of this being done before and i have no quarm doing it but what im in need of is the proper mixture please e mail me if you know what the mix should be or if you know of a reputable artist that has done this before thanks (don)

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RE:ashes in ink

Posted by on 11/18/05

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RE:ashes in ink

Posted by knife68 on 11/19/05
Baltimore MD

I have done this a few times and I just took a large ink cap and sprinkled a litle of the ashes in,about enough to cover the bottom of the ink cap and then poured in the black ink overtop.I don't really think there is a proper mixture ratio just add what you think is enough most of the ash will disintegrate when mixed with the ink.It will affect the consistency of the ink if you use to much but it shouldn't affect the quality of the ink if you mix it well before using it and I have only done this with black ink.Use your best judgement I would say,hope this helps..

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RE:ashes in ink

Posted by erlich on 11/19/05

thank you both ill keep the recipe in mind both replys say almost the same material so ill let ya know how the tattoos work out

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RE:ashes in ink

Posted by from IP: on 12/20/07
wilmington MA

It will be the 2 yr anniversary of the very untimely horrific accidental death of my beautiful husband this Jan 5. I will be in Florida and on that day I would like to get a tattoo with some of his ashes in it, but i wanted my tattoo to be red. Do you know if this can be done (i would assume by now you have finished that ash/tattoo combination and was wondering how it came out. If you know of someone anywhere in Florida who can do this, would you kindly let me know?
thanks so very much
maureen phillips

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RE:ashes in ink

Posted by viperman from IP: on 12/20/07
Charlotte, Michigan

I asked Guy Aitcheson about this topic, reason being, I tattooed a back piece for a friend whos son had MD. He passed last Thanksgiving and he wanted me to put some of the ashes from his heart into lettering he wants tattooed on his back. Guy explained since most of the black inks are ash based anyway, the addition of cremated ash in ink should pose no health risks whatsoever. I'm not sure about the red, though, Maureen. Either way, good luck to the both of you and sorry for your loses!

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RE:ashes in ink

Posted by Mdriven1955 from IP: on 07/31/10
Bakersfield California

My dog has recently and suddenly passed i am looking for an artist somewhat close to me to do a cremation tattoo. I live in Bakersfield California and can travel if need be maybe LA or Vegas.... If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

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RE:ashes in ink

Posted by BeautifulDisaster0420 from IP: on 06/15/11
Taylorville, IL USA

The cremation ashes can be rejected as a foriegn substance but it really isn't any more likely to be rejected than the ink itself. Just make sure to use the finest particles from the remains and only a small amount. I am a tattoo artist who does this, and can send pics of the results for anyone interested. My email is

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