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New Tattoo Fading

Posted by Eskimo on 11/18/05

My wife had a tattoo 5 days ago at a show in San Diego. At the time it looked superb - now it looks terrible. The color especially the black has literally fallen off and whats left is a blotchy mess. She followed all the after care directions using goo etc
A few friends have said it will come back after 7 days or so and more peeling but I was tattoed on the same day (different artist) and mine looks great already

Any Advice

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RE:New Tattoo Fading

Posted by Ducky on 11/18/05

I'm not 100% sure, but this is what i've seen replied to this kinda topic before.

It seems like everyone heals differently. Yours may come out great in a week, hers may take several. That is always different, you can't put a number. I have, however, seen it said that it usually takes 2-3 weeks for the color to become vibrant again.

About the black, she should probably wait a couple of weeks to see if it is just the healing process. Then, if it isn't, go talk to the artist about why it may have done that and what should be done next.


It is always a good idea to go to your artist and just ask. They put something on you that will last forever, and you have every right to call or go in person if you have a concern. They can probably give a better judgement anyway as it is their work, they know what ink they used, etc, and they can actually SEE the problem :)

Hope that is good, helpful advice,

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RE:New Tattoo Fading

Posted by Cambece on 11/18/05

This sounds normal. Her tat is still healing so chunks of it will look as though they are falling off. This is normal, it will scab and itch. Just make sure she does not pick at it or it could ruin the tat and could cause scarring.


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RE:New Tattoo Fading

Posted by Drake on 11/18/05

while a tattoo heals it will go through a few different stages. All tattoos peel with in a week and the tattoo under the peel will appear dull and plastic covered which is the new skin forming. During healing it is good to follow the healing instructions, apply ointment 3-4 times daily and after the first 4 days switch to a good unscented skin lotion.

As the tattoo heals it will look dull but after 7-14 days it will start getting much briter however it may take longer but until then don't worry to much just keep care of it and best of luck.



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RE:New Tattoo Fading

Posted by Eskimo on 11/19/05

Thanks for the replies and guess what ? it seems to be coming back to life !! I think it may need a slight touch up though - how long should she leave this ?

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RE:New Tattoo Fading

Posted by Drake on 11/20/05

she can go back in a month or so to get it touched up but your best bet is just ask the artist but it will be coming more to life over the first few weeks then it looks like it was meant to be there all the time.

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