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Posted by drpepper802 on 10/12/05


i just got a tattoo put on my calf and it hurt pretty bad. is this a painful spot or am i just a whuss?

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Posted by Krystof on 10/12/05
Agawam/Northampton MA

Everyone is different, you have to remember, a nerve is shaped like a tree branch, and in some areas of the body, the tips of the nerves come closer to the surface of the skin than others, and it varies from person to person. It makes no difference if its muscle, bone, or fat. Myself personally, I thought the shinbones were easy as hell, the side of the calves were no problem, but the back of the calf was my worst one to date. However, I've tattooed several clients on the back of the calf and they thought it was nothing.

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Posted by mel from IP: on 05/01/07

u r just a whuss cuz the calf is such an easy spot and dont hurt at all

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Posted by gabe from IP: on 05/06/07 / TattooNOW

Could be a few things. Blood sinks into the legs, so its typically harder to heal leg tattoos... Could be the artist isnt as gentle as others... could be your a wuss.... I fell asleep getting my leg tattooed...

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Posted by from IP: on 06/30/08
Lewisburg, TN USA

My boyfriend is a tattoo artist and told me a calf tattoo would not hurt. He wants me to get my entire calf covered just like his. the short strokes were not bad. Long stroke from knee to ankle felt like a razor digging through my flesh. Back of my knee hurt like hell! But it WAS all worth the pain.. tat is gorgeous!

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Posted by shelly254581 from IP: on 09/22/09

I just got one on my left calf muscle and it hert very bad. I have one on my other calf too but it was nothing like this one. It is a little further down on my leg too. This new one is right on my calf and I am having the same problem getting it to heal. So don't feel bad if you are a whuss so am i.

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