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Erotic tattoos for female

Posted by Juli on 09/21/05
Devon, UK

I am looking to get my private areas filled with erotic, degrading, and slutty type tattoos. I need someone who can help me put my ideas into the actual art work, plus some recommendations on tattoist who are willing and able to perform tattoos in these places. Please review my geocities homepage for more information and some photos of me. Thanks and please email me directly with your ideas. If any girls out there already have had this work done, please send me a photo of it.

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RE:Erotic tattoos for female

Posted by redsoxfan2480 on 09/21/05
quincy,ma u.s.

Dear kayla,

My name is tom and i am a independent tattoo designer.What ideas i can give you,are two low profile pimp hands on either side of your vagina with a 1000 dollar bill above the hands with kayla on the top of the bill,thats a design i could originally illustrate for you with or without color,so please respond.

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RE:Erotic tattoos for female

Posted by juli on 09/21/05
Devon, UK

Thanks, I would like to see a drawing of that one. Please email me with any sample drawings or suggestions. I would like some tattoo work on the rear also.

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RE:Erotic tattoos for female

Posted by sxystyles3 on 09/21/05

I also want a tattoo in on my pubic question is there is no way for the tattoo to completely heal before the tattoo heals so won't the hair growing back in mess up the tattoo?

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RE:Erotic tattoos for female

Posted by clb4130 on 09/22/05
atlanta, ga

Get it all waxed off 3 or 4 days before and it should be fine. A little hair growing back through as it heals isnt going to hurt anything.
If your not into waxing then let it grow out for a day or two and let the artist run a razor over it. He probably will anyway.

I like the all waxed look myself... I mean the all waxed process.

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RE:Erotic tattoos for female

Posted by nikkeyazianf from IP: on 03/31/09
los angeles, ca, usa

i would like some ideas too, i'm asian and was wondering if i could get some caricatures or ideas poking fun at my heritage...i have an idea but not sure it would work...

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RE:Erotic tattoos for female

Posted by jeanne from IP: on 09/02/11
Maimi, Florida, USA

I am presently in the process of permanently removing my pubic hair in prepareation of erotic tattooing.
That is a slow job and will take months to complete.
I intend to have my vulva illustrated with colorful fantasy flowers surroundding a firespitting dragon.
It will occupy part of my belly too of course.
Presently I have two half sleeves and will have full sleeves soon.

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RE:Erotic tattoos for female

Posted by Jeanne from IP: on 09/02/11
Maimi, Florida, USA

I forgot to mention that I don't have my tattooing done here in the States. It is too expensive to have big tattoos done !
I make it a long vacation to Indonesia, where life is very much cheaper. The cost of flying there is easily recouped by the low prices there !
There are several first class tattoo artists there and very reasonble.
I had my half sleeves done there and will go there again to have them finished into full sleeves.
For my erotic tattoos I will have them done there too of course!!
For extensive work you can negotiate the price, no problem!!
I found a wonderfull artist in Bukit Tinggi on the island of Sumatra. His name is Elvis.

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