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Unique Brand Ink

Posted by CowgrlMd4Racin on 09/12/05
Decatur, Al. USA

Looking for Artists that use Unique Ink??
Mine took off and my tattoo isn't done. Help??? What do I do??

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RE:Unique Brand Ink

Posted by TattooTroy on 09/25/05
Jacksonville, NC

Not sure you are willing to make the trip, but Jeff Cooper at Custom Tattoo in 29 palms CA. ,and all artists at Medievil Tattoo in Yucca valley CA use Unique Ink. They are all very tallented artist as well. Short of that I suggest trying to contact Unique and asking them if they can give you a few shops in your area who they supply to. From what I hear it is hard to find them on the web though. I will say that I have used Unique, and now use Fantasia ink. The pigments are very close in color and both are very bright long lasting inks.

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RE:Unique Brand Ink

Posted by kimreed from IP: on 03/15/06
savannah, ga

not sure if you've found your artist, but i happen to use unique's inks...really like them. if you're still interested, check out my site at i'm at anonymous tattoo in savannah, ga., and our shop site is
happy hunting!

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