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Problems with new tattoo?

Posted by GrrrlFriday on 09/11/05
United States

ok so I'm probably totally over reacting, and what not, but I figured you fine folks here on the board might be able to tell me to chill out or run to my artist as quickly as possible....

Got a new tattoo last night. Beautiful piece of blackwork that is approximately eight inches long by six inches wide in the lower part of my neck going down to between my shoulder blades. It looks beautiful but I'm a little concerned. I'm following my artists instructions for aftercare including washing it gently with my finger tips 2-3 times a day for the first 2-3 days and then applying a very small (tear drop sized) amount of A&D Ointment also very gently with my finger tips. After that he suggested switching to a mild fragerence free lotion like Lubriderm.

Ok so now my concern...

I've had a number of other tattoos and none of them have responded like this one is. When I put the A&D ointment on, it is only thick enough to make my skin soften and not feel tight and sore anymore. But within about 10 minutes the ointment seems to get runny and there is literally ink running down my back. When I touch the surface of the tattoo my finger gets covered with black inky colored ointment. It's only been about 24 hours since we finished the work and I can already feel scabs covering about 90% of the piece. Generally in the past it has taken a few days for me to scab over and I have never experienced this running/oozing ink thing.

Is this something I should be incredibly concerned about and running to my artist? Or is this something that happens sometimes? What are the warning signs I should look for for what would end up being a completely ruined piece?

Thanks in advance!

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RE:Problems with new tattoo?

Posted by firebrandx on 09/12/05
Denton, TX

This is the exact same directions I'm given and, naturally, the exact same thing happened to me. Lots of ink-colored fluid running out during the first 2 or so days. Things worked out okay in the end, but I kept wondering if I was losing too much ink.

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RE:Problems with new tattoo?

Posted by bryang on 09/12/05

its normal, no worries, if you doing what you say it should be fine. its a normal reaction by your body. it has happen to me in some spots, if alot comes out you can get a touch up by your artist.

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RE:Problems with new tattoo?

Posted by dianna on 09/12/05

i had a large back tattoo done and had the same problem but in a few days it was well and i was off to get my next set of tats done.

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RE:Problems with new tattoo?

Posted by summer on 09/13/05
Charolette,NC, USA

It is probably because he used so much dark ink. Your skin is just filtering out all the excess ink. You should be fine.

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RE:Problems with new tattoo?

Posted by yo from IP: on 04/27/10

same thing is hapenin to mine. i got mine done a lil ova 24hrs ago and have also followed instructions but reading wut everyone replied makes me feel better i already emailed my artsit jus incase it is something serious you should too just incase you do need a touch up they wont charge you for it and they can't say it wuz due to lack of aftercare treatment.

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