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Ink colors - Metallic ?

Posted by on 08/24/05

I'm wondering how many colors tattoo ink comes in, and is there such a thing as a shimmery or metallic ink. (I would guess not, but thought I'd ask)


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RE:Ink colors - Metallic ?

Posted by SaXoN on 08/24/05
littleton,Colorado USA

I would also like to know. I have a sleeve that is all biomechanics, that would make a good color addition to the colors that are already there.

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RE:Ink colors - Metallic ?

Posted by tattoomatic on 08/25/05
malta europe

U are right there is no such a thing as metallic colores. There are only basic pigments colors. This pigments can be mixed to make large palette of tones and clever artists can produce any texture or recreate any surface that exists so in the eye of the viewer this can produce feeling of the shiny metal bowl or a golden swing or even any other possible surface that u wish. All u need is one of this wizard artist and plenty of cash to recive your new metallic "fir".
Regards from tattoomatic

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RE:Ink colors - Metallic ?

Posted by from IP: on 07/03/08

I read an overseas tattoo magazine at least 5 YEARS AGO which had actual real tattoo pictures that were in metallic ink!!! Thia mag also had amazing fleuro ink designs aswell, i am also havn trouble locating a place with the ink, but im not giving up as i saw it with my own eyes!!!

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RE:Ink colors - Metallic ?

Posted by electricbluetoad from IP: on 01/14/10

I have been doing a little research into the reality of metallic or silver non-toxic ink. There is a substance called Conductive ink that is a safe metallic ink used on the body to conduct electricity. Some of these inks have a 71 percent dissolved or micro-solids of silver with a small amount of carbon in them. These inks modified may be the silver tattoo ink of the future.

These inks would be virtually harmless to the human body, with only a couple of safety precautions to be observed. The most common is a symptom of overdose turning the skin blue over the entire body when too much silver is absorbed into the body.

The use of colloidal silver as a matrix for the micro-fine silver particles may prove an effective medium for silver ink applications. I will let you know, as I had this strangely vivid dream last night that I got this tattoo of Excalibur down the length of my entire arm that had totally metallic chrome look to it, and it peeled off in a solid metallic foil, leaving a silver satin sheen just under the skin. I was so excited, then I woke up. Bummer. But it defiantly got my interest peaked, to say the least!

If one could find or make there own micro-fine silver powder, and carefully formulate an ink using various silver compounds, I believe it could be the fabled "Silver Ink" that everyone seems to want to find, the veritable 'Holy Grail', the 'Ink of Inks', the 'Sonum Bonum ' of Skin Alchemy. (Of course, I will test it on myself first!)
Check out the links and let me know what you think. Am I crazy, or not?
Rick Wilding
Milk of Paradise Tattoo

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