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what tattoo ink brands do you reccommend?

Posted by missdanielle19 from IP: on 08/04/07

i am getting ready to get my first tattoo, and i was wondering what are some good, clean, inks? i need something that is meant for sensitive skin, preferably hypoallergenic, and free of chemicals and metals. i was looking at intenze, but i was just wondering what other brands are out there?

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RE:what tattoo ink brands do you reccommend?

Posted by Ms. NEWTHINK from IP: on 08/06/07

Your tattoo artist has pressumably spent years and years deciding what ink is best for him or her, there's no way you as a custumer could have any idea whats what and you are probably basing your opinion on advertising. Find a good reputable artist and leave the proffessional descisions to him or her.
This kinda sounds like a scratcher fishing for info. In 8 years of tattooing and 12 years of working in shops I've never had a customer specifically request a certain brand of ink. Are you going to exclude all artists that don't use the brand you think you like or do you expect the artist to buy a whole new ink set -up for you? If i'm wrong then don't bother reading any further... If you think that you can go on the internet and learn things like what ink to use you are sorely mistaken. If you want to be a tattoo artist then do it the right way, no one here is going to help you become a danger to our customers.

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RE:what tattoo ink brands do you reccommend?

Posted by ms. NEWTHINK from IP: on 08/06/07

also, if you are a scratcher and you think that ink is the problem, I assure you it is not.

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RE:what tattoo ink brands do you reccommend?

Posted by LisaLoots from IP: on 03/24/11

jesus christ @ms. newthink. hostile attitude much?

Danielle is probably asking for the same reason that I googled "hypoallergenic ink brands". I loveeeeeeeeeee my tattoo artist but everything I got from him was pretty small so I figured my itchiness was normal and although I still get clear liquid filled bumps a couple times a year in the colors of my wrist tat, I didn't think too much about it. Until last week when I got a really big piece, just the outline in black, on my calves. I ended up breaking out in hives starting in the tat and spreading over my whole body. The worst hives I've ever had too. So yes, Ms. Newthink, I would specifically ask my artist to buy a brand if he hasn't already had the foresight to have some hypoallergenic ink on standby. I don't care you who are, or how professional you come off, I need to research things for myself. I don't trust just anybody. I'm about to call him too and ask him the name of the hypoallergenic brand he uses and then I'm going to look it up and check out its ingredients and compare and contrast. And yes, you can find that kind of stuff on the internet. @Danielle, here's one hypoallergenic brand I've already seen in <1 browsing hour:


It's vegan as well. Which surprised me because I didn't realize that other ink wasn't.

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RE:what tattoo ink brands do you reccommend?

Posted by Jeanne from IP: on 03/25/11

Although this post is old---I wanted to put my two pennies worth in. I actually educate my clients on what is good and bad ink to prevent them from getting hurt from unethical tattoo errr (aka scratchers) as it is SO important. I consider it a service as a professional to make SURE they know what they are getting, and our studio we only use Starbrite and let them know that as well.

Thats it... :-)

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