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Posted by xzelliex from IP: on 02/28/07


Last night, I got a tattoo wrapping around my lower arm near the wrist. The forearm has been getting more and more swollen all day and it is hard as a rock and hurts like crazy (burning, stinging) - I am worried about the swelling because it is spreading up my arm where there is no tattoo.
Is this normal for a forearm tattoo? I am using a & d and lubriderm.

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Posted by Hotspark from IP: on 03/01/07

Ice it to keep the swelling at bay.Wouldn't be a bad idea to go see your artist,just for piece of mind.

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Posted by gabe from IP: on 03/05/07 / TattooNOW

Ditto, take it tot he artist. Are you using A&D and lubriderm at the same time?

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Posted by xzelliex from IP: on 03/06/07

I was using both and now I am just using lubriderm....the swelling is gone but there are all these red bumps around the tattoo and they are spreading up my arm!!! Yuck,,,it has been a week since I got it.

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Posted by from IP: on 03/06/07

Although without seeing the tattoo its hard to tell but if you were using BOTH the ointment AND the lotion ( who the hell told you to do THAT?) you probably overmoisturized and clogged up some pores hence the little red bumps....let it dry heal for a few days and if that doesn't help ( 90% chance it WILL) then go see your artist.

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Posted by gabe from IP: on 03/07/07 / TattooNOW

I get little red bumps whenever I use lubriderm, I'd switch to another natural/chemical free as you can get lotion immediately.

I'd go real light on the lotion from here on out and let the skin heal those bumps out...

I would also never use A&D(or any healing salve) and lubriderm (or any lotion) at the same time. The first few days the tattoo could use a little healing salve a few times a day (very little, just enough to make the tattoo less dry, little shiny... little). It sounds like you were overapplying stuff to your tattoo. Let the tattoo heal and maybe go back for a touch up if it heals real hard.

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Posted by xzelliex from IP: on 03/07/07

Thanks so much for the responses! The red bumps are still there today and they itch and sting SO bad. There are none on the tatoo - just around it and up my arm kind of far away from the ink. I am afraid of an allergic reaction. I called the studio and one of the artists told me I was probably just overeacting. Should I take benadryl to stop the itch? Some other parts of my body (legs and forehead) are getting the same bumps, This is making me hate my tattoo!!! GGRRRR!!!

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Posted by cw from IP: on 03/30/07
Providence, RI

At this point, go and see your doctor. Discuss with him what you have used to help the tattoo heal. It sounds like your having an allergic reaction to something that your are still using.

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