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tibetan/buddhist protection tattoo

Posted by Ted from IP: on 01/11/07
Chicago, IL, USA

In a few months my Aunt and I will be taking a trip to Tibet. I'm hoping that it will be a very moving experience for the both of us. While there, I would like to get a tattoo of a legitimate Tibetan or Buddhist symbol that will help memorialize the trip. But of course, I would not want to get one that would be offensive to Buddhists. In another thread on this message board, someone referenced Buddhist protection and good luck tattoos. I was wondering if anyone could give me any more details on tattoos like that, such as a website that shows the symbols and the meanings in English.

So far I have only come across a few designs that stand out to me. There's "om ma ni pad me hung," but that one seems to be too over used. I also checked out the 8 Auspicious symbols, and the "Endless Knot" is a definite possibility. But you people are obviously much more well versed on this subject than I am, so any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance,


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RE:tibetan/buddhist protection tattoo

Posted by from IP: on 01/12/07

You could order Robert Beer's book The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs which is a treasure trove of info on Tibetan symbols. I have a tattoo of a Tibetan "double vajra (dorje)" on my arm adapted from that book. Of course, there is an abundance of various Tibetan buddhist Buddhas, bodhisattvas, protective deities, etc. depicted on thangkas (wall hangings) and other art. On an episode of Miami Ink, Chris Garver tattoos a beautiful Tibetan Tara on a woman's back. There is some dispute in Buddhist circles whether such depictions are appropriate. Me personally, as a practicing Buddhist, I have no problem with it. It would be most respectful to have such tattoos above the waist though.

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RE:tibetan/buddhist protection tattoo

Posted by from IP: on 03/20/07

I am having a very similar dilema... i that I am loking fo a buddhist tattoo.... try a website the guy was a practising monk,and you can even have a consulatation to get advice on something which would be suitable for you...

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RE:tibetan/buddhist protection tattoo

Posted by from IP: on 05/23/07

just make sure you don't ask for your tattoo to be below the waist as it would be disrespectful to buddhists. Good luck and have fun!

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RE:tibetan/buddhist protection tattoo

Posted by Dalhi Dan from IP: on 05/24/07

Tashi is the man... the one and only !!

contact him through:

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