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World War II Eagle Tattoos

Posted by Big Dawgie from IP: on 10/18/06
Charleston WV

I don't know if anyone out there will be able to help me but here it goes.

I've been considering a tattoo for 3 years. No I don't need advice on care maintenence etc.

what I need is help tracking down the design.

Here's what I mean.

My grandfather served in the US Army in wwII.

After basic but before he shipped out he receieved a tattoo in Lousiana.

It was an Eagle.

here is what I remember of the design.

It was an eagle No in profile but looking forward perhaps to one sie. It had a flag rippling in the background with the flags pole to the left with a small ball on the end not a spike.

In the eagles claws there was a small banner with words. The words we're not sure of. We thinkg it was something like WWII -USA for his branch of service.

TRuthfully the words are the least of my worries.

I am trying to track down similar designs, hopefully authentic to the time period. This is a deep family matter to me. I am marking my body in rememberance of who I am. Who my family is and who I wish to be.

If anyone could help, with ideas resources. Locations of pictures of historical tattoos anything. I would greatly appriciate it.

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RE:World War II Eagle Tattoos

Posted by from IP: on 10/19/06 / TattooNOW

I think your best bet will be to find an amazing traditional tattoo artist and have them create a design form your memories/freferenceing old school flash. How far are you willing to travel? What cities are near you?

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RE:World War II Eagle Tattoos

Posted by from IP: on 10/20/06
Charleston WV

I'm in charleston WV

I'm willing to go as far as I need to. THis isn't going to be a immediate thing so I do have planning time. It's important and I want to make sure it's done right.

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RE:World War II Eagle Tattoos

Posted by gabe from IP: on 10/20/06 / TattooNOW

If you have time and dont mind traveling, personally I find Steve Boltz's traditional tattoos the most interesting to me. he really knows how to get the essence out of the design while keeping it solidly in the traditional world. Couldnt tell you to go to New York City without mentioning Seth and the folks at Read Street Tattoo in Baltimore. Steve Boltz will do my knuckles someday...

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RE:World War II Eagle Tattoos

Posted by Riverdad34 from IP: on 10/29/07

My dad just passed and I too want to Tattoo to remember him. He was 87 and im 54. He served in tha Army Air Core (befor there was an air force). I took Pictures of his arm so that i could recreate it at a later date. Before he passed he told me that his tottoo was done when he was in Hawaii in about 1940-41. He told he thought the guys name was Jerry that did his tattoo. Im guessing "salor Jerry" ?
If I can help you please e-mail me.


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RE:World War II Eagle Tattoos

Posted by Pyrrhus Darwin Castello from IP: on 10/30/07

If you want a artist that can do it in California, here are some suggestions.

And if you want to show the pic that would be intresting to see :)

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RE:World War II Eagle Tattoos

Posted by from IP: on 05/18/08

My grandfather was also in the army air core and I have been having the same issues finding his design. If you guys have had success finding the design please help me out too. I have a buddy who has been trying to design something based on Sailor Jerry's work as that is his favorite artist. So the cat who had pictures of some of his work if you could post those or send them to my e-mail that would be awesome.

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RE:World War II Eagle Tattoos

Posted by from IP: on 05/24/08
port republic md USA

hi my name is J.D. i'm trying to find any info on world war 2 tattoo's. my dad surved in the army and the european campain. he past away when i was 13 years old. the only things i can remember is he had a eagle on is right shoulder and another bird on his left forearm. I'm 42 years old now,i would like to find the same or very close tattoos that he had.before i loose any more memory.if you could be at any help i would really appreciate email is thanks

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