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Terrible scabbing on inside of elbow -

Posted by Gilly from IP: on 09/14/06

I posted this in the "infection" thread... but then noticed that there were a gazillion unanswered questions already.

Basically, I am continuing my arm piece down onto my lower arm and wrapping it around to the inside of my armpit, etc. I got the outline done last week. (got the inside of my arm done, the armpit, and extended onto my forearm). However, I am having terrible scabbing on the crook of my arm. I assume because it is constantly being bent and moved. Sadly, this part was lettering, and the first two letters are terribly deeply scabbed, and almost unrecognizable. What can I do to reduce the damage, and perhaps save the lettering? I am due back in another week and a half to fill in the rest (currently it is only outlined). The entire outline is healing beautifully as normal, except for this tiny area. I have several large pieces, and have NEVER had a problem before, so this concerns me- Thanks if you have any advice (especially on how to avoid this occuring again, when I get it filled in!)- Gilly

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RE:Terrible scabbing on inside of elbow -

Posted by Sir J-Werk, Medicene Whoa-Man from IP: on 09/14/06
St. Lunatics Asylum

Try to keep it moist, ie, a small amount of oinment to help reduce the risk of infection. And a good quality, advance healing lotion will help. Just don't go overboard with it. I have the same problem on one very small part of my arm right where my arm bends. Although I think that the shirt sleeves on my work uniform had a lot to do with it since they do hit right on that area....I dygress.... So far the previous suggestions have worked for me. I wouldn't recommend letting it heal entirely on it's own. I believe that would only lend itself to more irritation on that area.... As to how to avoid it for next time...? I guess just be uber careful?....J

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RE:Terrible scabbing on inside of elbow -

Posted by from IP: on 09/15/06

Thanks for your response hon, and for your adivce!:) I have tried the light amount of ointment, since I started noticing the problem.... I treated it pretty much the same as all of the rest of my tattoos. (well, I say plural, but I am slowly becoming one BIG tattoo, so I mean tattoo continuations:) But, as a busy mom of a 4 year old, it is pretty hard to NOT bend my arm a gazillion times a day... which seems to lead to it becoming flexed, and stretched, and chafed, NON stop. I know I have done all the right (well, in most people's opinions of what is right) things to care for my new tattoo...but this one darn spot hates me. (actually, it hurt like heck too- i prefered having my armpit tattooed to this:)

I also found that while the rest of the outlines are beautifully crisp and perfect, there is about a loonie sized amount (right where the wrinkles in the bend of your inner arm are) that are NOT crisp but blurred.... which is odd for me, because I have had the same artist for the majority of my work... is this common in this area? I have both wrists tattooed, right where they bend, and they healed beautifully.

I am getting posted out of this province soon, and need to get this finished before I go, but am now afraid that if THIS little bit doesn't heal, he won't give me the go ahead on finishing it, for risk of scarring.... and I have only one month left.

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RE:Terrible scabbing on inside of elbow -

Posted by from IP: on 09/15/06

man.. that's why most people avoid knees, elbows. That part of the body flexes over 500k times a day. do that with any solid (scab) bendable material on earth and you will brake it.

Now, there it may be a chance that you can save the line by immobilizing the area and letting the scab fall. You may have a light trace in that area afterwards, but you can retouch it. Again be careful after that. Keep it moisturized as much as possible, to soften the scab, avoiding the crack rip healing tissue.

All scabs in body's indentation tend to be thicker and hard ugly to heal.
I would have done something around it, like a sun, leaving the whole bone untouchable.

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RE:Terrible scabbing on inside of elbow -

Posted by from IP: on 09/15/06

Well, as an afterthougt, AVOIDING that area would have been a good idea... however, my artist told me it would be fine, and that it would heal the same as my other tattoos. I guess he assumed so, because both of my inner wrists (right up to the hand) are tattooed, which is similar skin, with similar constant bending. However, right from the get go, I developed a thick scab over this area, and nothing over the rest... and this is JUST the outline....when I get this section touched up, and coloured in, is it possible to bandage simply this section for a few days (changing the bandage regularly, etc), making it less prone to bending, simply until the majority of it can heal? Or will this also hurt the tattoo itself? I am worried what will happen with it is REALLY filled in, and not just the outline...Goodness... i hate having to regret this work... i really loved it, until it starting scabbing badly.. and now it is just a pain in the arse:(

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